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Visiting a Qualified Ayurvedic Physician.

Ayurveda offers successful treatment programs for the entire spectrum of diseases.

A patient who visits a Qualified Ayurvedic Practitioner should expect to receive an evaluation consisting of a minimum of a history of the chief complaint, past medical history, a review of symptoms, and a review of any medications, herbs and vitamins the patient may be taking.

Observations are made of the shape of the face, size of the neck, size and depth of the eyes, colour, quantity and quality of hair,

thickness of the skin and width of the bones. Detailed examination procedures include the pulse and the tongue. Examination of the abdomen and the taking of vital signs completes the evaluation.

After the examination, which usually lasts about one hour or longer, the practitioner spends time telling the patient about their findings. During this report of findings, the practitioner educates the patient about their imbalances and about Ayurveda.

Aftercare in Ayurveda.

In Ayurveda it is said that what the patient knows is more important than what the doctor knows. A patient should leave with a clear understanding of their path back to health.

Follow-up visits are scheduled to support patients as they make progress and confront their challenges, and will include ongoing counseling and education.

Additional therapies are integrated into the program slowly, over time, as the patient strives to create a lifestyle of harmony through the five senses.

Ayurveda is a patient-orientated system of healing. As such, you will receive a level of compassion, patience and understanding from Ayurvedic practitioners that is so essential to healing.

Preventive Medicine.

Preventive medicine is an exciting step forward on our journey to live without disease. As the journey continues to unfold, we will find that it parallels our journey to enlightenment or the perfecting of our nature.

Early detection of disease, reducing the effects of stress, and purifying our bodies are important steps on our journey toward keeping ourselves healthy. Our lifestyle choices reflect our deepest natures, and as we change, so does our health.

Through unhealthy life practices, our bodies become weak. Through healthy practices our bodies can become strong once again and remain strong.

Ayurveda is the science of reaching our full healing potential.

We do not have to be sick to consider Ayurveda.